Iori Hisashi is pleased to present to you a very special ceramicist from Australia

庵久イベント STEVE Harrisonを迎えて
Steve Harrison

Steve has spent the last 15 years of his 40-year ceramics career mastering his “Silk Stone” (sericite porcelain), and has just released a book, 5 Stones – A Ceramic Journey, about this artistic journey. His partner and collaborator Janine King joins us for this momentous visit to Arita!

What is this story all about? It is about a man’s dedication to his special mission!
Steve found a single white stone near his house. It was a silk stone that began his 5 Stones ceramic journey! It led to travels that unearthed other such special stones in:

Jingdezhen, China
Yanggu, Korea
Arita, Japan
Cornwall, UK
and Mittagong,Australia.

Steve Harrison and Janine King: Steve Harrison (1952- ) is a woodfirer, teacher and kiln designer living at Balmoral Village where he set up the Loopline Pottery with Janine King in 1977. The two make pottery together under the Loopline Pottery label as well as running the Kiln and Clay Technology Company Hot and Sticky and making one-off pieces under their own names. Their aim is to be completely self-sustainable as potters. Harrison was born in England, but came to Australia in 1956. Harrison obtained a Post Certificate from ESTC in 1978, an MA Hons from Wollongong University in 1995, and a PhD from the University of Western Sydney in 1998. King has been exhibiting regularly since 1975 and was a finalist in the Meroogal Women’s Art prize in 2004.

Admission: 5000 yen- Includes delicious ShokadoBento
Date: November 17, 2017, Friday
Time: 6pm

Place: Iori Hisashi address: 1-28-23 Izumiyama, Arita-cho,Saga Pref., Japan
Parking: Izumiyama Gymnasium Parking Lot

Please Contact us: 090-4294-9744 (Miyuri) or 0955-43-2764( Iori Hisashi)

Opening Speech: Yoshihisa Tsuruta– Karatsu Tea Ware ceramist, Kintsugi artist and connoisseur
And there is more to this special day!! We will have two very special guests in attendance.

Robert Davies a Tea Practitioner, (A Cultured man, Kintsugi Artist and ceramist from Australia) demonstrate and serve Tea to guests.

Mike Martino, who is a Karatsu ceramicist and English teacher at Saga University, Arita Campus from Taku City will translate during this event

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