Ceramic Experience!

Ceramic Experience!

The Iori Hisashi Ceramic Experience!

Ceramic Experience

Learn a variety of Arita’s reknown pottery making techniques from an array of experiential workshops, here in the heart of historically important Izumiyama, Arita.
These workshops are presented in the conducive environment of our spacious and tranquil studio. We start you from digging the clay, fabricating your pottery item, repairing pottery using the Kinsugi method, to appraising antique Japanese pottery.

Our Iori Hisashi workshops are very popular among world-class ceramists and pottery lovers.

Beginner, and seasoned ceramicist alike can achieve greater ability, due to our tailor-made instruction. Your ceramic interests and desires will guide the path of your learning experiences.

Iori Hisashi workshops are very popular among world-class ceramicists and pottery lovers.

Choose from the following workshops to create-your-own masterpiece: the popular potter’s wheel, our unique Karatsu-takaki technique, and five other methods. Instructor Mr. Tsuruta will share the secrets of Iori Hisashi’s best ceramic knowledge and Japanese techniques. Workshops cover selection and blending of clays, wheel throwing, Tebineri (hand forming), our Antique Appraising class, and, a class only offered in Arita, Kintsugi. What you learn here will provide you with fine ceramics products, and will fill you with pride and happiness to last a life time.


Create your own pottery experience. You can choose your own theme around your interests and desires.

1, *Karatsu-tataki (Forming with coil)——Use traditional Karatsu (Paddling ) techniques and tools.
2, *Tebineri Chawan (Forming by hand)—–Raku style. Shape without a potter’s wheel in this fail-proof method. You can create your pottery item within an hour.
3, *Karatsu Sake Cup(Guinomi) —-If you like Sake, don’t miss this workshop! Your personal, handmade sake cup will give your sake an exceptionally mellow taste.
4, *Porcelain or Stoneware potter’s wheel —— Throwing on the potter’s wheel
5, *Painting ——- Gosu (cobalt painting) underglazing application on porcelain body

Choose one experience from the above 5 lists and call us for your reservation.
Karatsu clay and Porcelain clay will be provided.

Your path of learning and enjoyment at Iori Hisashi will depend on your stated interests and objectives. We will tailor-make your instruction to provide you with the skills necessary for you to enjoy a lifelong path of ceramic making and appreciation.

Please contact us if you want to learn more about our pottery workshop experiences. Kintsugi Experience:

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