Iori Hisashi Tea Ceremony (Workshop)

Traditional preparation of delicious green tea at home (Sencha)

庵久 ティ セレモニー

Date: June 3(Sun), 2018
Time: 1:30 pm, and 0400 pm. (First Comes First Served)
Mattcha 抹茶
Location: 2nd floor O-Zashiki Tatami Room
Japanese sweets: Ushizu-Yokan

Robert Davies, Australian potter and Tea Master, will perform the Tea Ceremony in Iori Hisashi house in Arita
Robert-san’s and Mike-san’s Tea Bowls are available to choose from for your tea ceremony.

Robert Davies, Potter
47 Coorumbung Road, Broadmeadow, NSW 2292
Newcastle, Australia
Phone: (02) 4769-3621

Guest: Mike Martino, Potter at “Gotanbayashi Kiln”五反林窯
2048-1, Taku-cho, Taku-City
Phone: 0952-75-3430
URL: http//

Sencha 煎茶
Location: O-Zashiki (first floor tatami room)
Japanese sweets: Kansui Kohaku
Mrs. Sanae Nakagawa from Karatsu, Nakagawa Chaen, shop owner. She will speak about Sencha, and will provide instruction and tips on the preparation of green tea at home. You’ll be amazed at the delicious flavor of Green tea!! Please enjoy this experience in our O-zashiki, traditional tatami room.

Mrs. Sanae Nakagawa, Nakagawa Chaen owner
〒847-0047,1746-2, Honmachi, Karatsu-City
Phone: 0955-74-8125
URL: (you can shop on-line)

Tickets: ¥1,500 Yen. Provided: green tea, green tea powder, Japanese sweets and Kaishi (folded paper for use at the tea ceremony)

Iori Hisashi 庵久
Contact person: Misono Tsuruta or English/ Miruri Tsuru (090-4274-9744)
〒844-0001 1-28-2, Izumiyama Arita-cho,Nishimatsuur, Saga Pref. +81955432764
Phone: 0955-43-2764 URL: